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The Practical Product Fundraising Story
Joe and Sami Kuipers, Co-Founders

Practical Product Fundraising helps groups raise money by selling products absolutely everyone uses absolutely every day!


We are a husband and wife team living in Sarasota, Florida that created Practical Product Fundraising from our original fundraising company, PaperFunds.  We started with a heartfelt belief that schools, sports leagues, religious institutions and other organizations needed an innovative and healthy approach to raising much needed funds.  PaperFunds started with selling only toilet tissue and paper towels, and grew into our current offering of over 200 products on the Practical Product Fundraising website. 

We are hoping that the Practical Product Fundraising program will fill a very important need in the fundraising industry by providing an easy and effective way to raise money for anyone.  Groups as small as a single individual to national organizations can benefit from the PPF program, all by just purchasing daily household needs.  With the ability to ship directly to the supporters home, we take the worry of minimum orders and large scale distribution out of the equation.  Anybody or any group can easily raise the money they need all year long.

They're going to buy it anyway, why not buy it to help your cause?

We have three children of our own in their elementary school years and have participated as supporters of countless fundraisers and as volunteers with our schools’ PTO’s.  We understand the need for fundraising and the sacrifices that volunteers and supporters have to make to make it all happen.  We want to offer an easy and practical way for people to raise the money they need.

Practical Product Fundraising is a division of PaperFunds, LLC created and operated by husband and wife team Joe and Sami Kuipers.  More information about PaperFunds and the fundraising programs they offer can be found at www.paperfunds.com.

It is our mission to help our clients support their schools and other organizations by raising the money they need in an easy, practical, healthy, and profitable way.  


We hope you find this opportunity as exciting as we do!